Sunglo Low Fat Yoghurt with Mangoes and Muesli: A Review

Today would be unusual since I am going to share about a healthier food I had almost a year ago. This post first appeared on my other blog dedicated to Malay speaking reader which I've failed to translate to English this whole time. Let me share about a mango flavoured yogurt from Sunglo.

Don't be confused; yogurt, yoghurt and yoghourt are the same. Apart from probiotics which is good for our guts and digestive system, eating yogurt also provides other benefits such as protein and calcium which aid in our effort of losing weight and building healthier bones.

I am not familiar with the brand, Sunglo is not a brand synonymous to yogurt product here in Malaysia unlike other brands such as Nestle, Dutch Lady, Marigold and Farm Fresh. However, that was exactly the reason why I had to buy and try this Sunglo low fat Greek yogurt from Jaya Grocer for RM2.95.

What caught my attention to try this Sunglo brand yogurt was the muesli; I never had muesli before, and I believe many Malaysian never heard of it. So what is a muesli?  Muesli is a mixture of oats with other ingredients like grain, nuts and dried fruit. The muesli provided with the yogurt contains oat, coconut and raisins.

Unlike the regular and usually cheaper yogurt, a Greek yogurt has a thicker texture and a stronger flavour. It means Greek yogurt contains more protein than the ordinary yogurt you would normally get around RM1.50 or RM2.00.

Honestly, I've only tasted strawberry flavoured Greek yogurt from Nestle before, it was sweet but the Sunglo yogurt I had was more sour. Perhaps because of it being low fat, and maybe low sugar as well.

What about the muesli? The coconut taste was strong, and it tastes like the coconut fillings within the Bounty chocolate bar. It was actually the good combination between the sourness of the yogurt, the not so sweet of the mango, and the raisins that made the yogurt's taste work. The muesli gave additional textures to it.

This is how the yogurt looks like after mixing the muesli and mango in. Verdict, I like the thickness of the Sunglo Greek yogurt together with the coconut and raisins from the muesli. However, it would be more palatable if the mango is a little bit more sweet.

In conclusion, the Sunglo Greek yogurt with mangoes and muesli is a thick and less sweet yogurt. I would probably buy it again when I'm on diet.

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