SPM 2019 Report Analysis: Better Achievement than 2018?

In 2019, about 389,498 candidates sat for their SPM examination in 3,313 exam centers nationwide. Out of all the candidates, about 2.28% or 8,876 achieved excellent grade, that is A+, A or A- for every subjects taken.

Let me first congratulate all candidates who received their results on the 5th of March. No matter what the result is, it's the reflection of our praiseworthy effort and struggle as a student.

Even though the percentages of students who received all A's or at least credits are a bit worrying, that is 22.06% or 85,914 students out of all candidates; it's actually a rise of 0.92% or 3,118 students compared to 2018.

Overall, candidates' achievement in 2019 is found to be better than 2018 with national average score  (GPN) of 4.86, better than years before. For GPN, lower means better.

Despite the improvement on GPN, my attention is all to candidates' performance on STEM subjects. While the reports shows improvements in electives related to science and mathematics -- biology, chemistry, physics, and additional mathematics, there are also declines for science and mathematics as core subjects.

Lower GPMP means better performance
Often viewed as insignificant by those who aren't in the science stream on the grounds that it's not important for their field and career, the fact still worries me.

In my honest opinion, science and mathematics train our comprehension, creativity, cognition and reasoning as a student, there are reasons why they are core subjects. To become a better Malaysian, who is wiser and more alert on current issues, both subjects are crucial.

Maybe I will discuss how science and mathematics relate with our daily life when I have the time. For report on SPM 2019, click here.

For those who failed, never give up. There is still chance for you to improve your results because you are allowed to repeat your SPM paper on June (For Bahasa Melayu, Mathematics and History) and November each year. For details on registration, click here.

For those who succeed, take a moment to rejoice before you step into a more challenging territory in life, you deserve a celebration. 

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