Prontos Pizza and Tacos: New York Style Pizza and Lasagne in East Coast Mall, Kuantan

Sometimes in the evening you just want to have a lasagne, and I would usually go to Aeon Big in East Coast Mall for a lasagne or pizza. Why? Because I would get 50% discount every night during clearance. 

But now, there is a new stall opening on the third floor of East Coast Mall known as Prontos Pizza and Tacos. It was 8 at night, I was late to East Coast Mall and the lasagne was sold out. Craving, I walked around searching for food to eat.

As I walked around the third floor, I saw a new stall selling pasta and pizza. Oh boy, the pizza slice was large, thin and the crust appeared crisp. Malaysian usually have a thicker pizza at Pizza Hut and Domino's, but at Prontos Pizza and Tacos, they sell New York style pizza.

However, it wasn't the pizza I was searching for, and most of my attention was on the beef lasagne sold at RM7.50, a lot cheaper than any lasagne you could get from Pizza Hut and Domino's. It's good, and the creaminess from the bechamel sauce used added another layer of taste besides the homemade tomato sauce used. Who needs Prego when you could do tomato sauce yourself?

Then come the pizza. A slice of any pizza cost RM5.50. Smoked duck pizza isn't the kind of pizza you would usually find, but you could get it here. I didn't buy it though, I'm more of a lamb, beef and chicken guy. In the end, I bought a slice of chicken Buffalo pizza and a piece of beef lasagne. 

Chicken Lasagne bought from Prontos Pizza and Tacos
The pizza, despite being thin; was so good. Thinner pizza means less taste of the bread, and more taste of the topping. After a few days, I went back to Prontos Pizza and Tacos for a chicken lasagne for RM6.50. I prefer the beef lasagne I had over the chicken. The chicken lasagne was a bit dry due to the lack of bechamel sauce.

p.s. lasagne is the plural form of lasagna which refers to a sheet of rectangular pasta. Since the dish uses layers of lasagna, they are called lasagne.

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