Pak Li Kopitiam: The Best Lemon Chicken Rice in Shah Alam, Klang and Banting

Here is another chicken rice post, but today is going to be special because it's not about any ordinary chicken rice, it is lemon chicken rice. Lemon chicken rice? How is it possible to combine chicken, a meat with lemon, a fruit? It may sound unusual, but believe me it's the best combination.

You could find lemon chicken rice at food courts inside a supermarket like Tesco and Giant, or maybe in a shopping mall. Yet, according to my experience, the best lemon chicken rice has to be from Pak Li Kopitiam.

The bane is however, Pak Li Kopitiam is only available in Shah Alam, Klang and Banting so you have to drive quite far if you aren't from there. A few days ago, I went to Pak Li Kopitiam in Giant Hypermarket near Klang Sentral.

At only RM7.90, we could experience a serving of lemon chicken rice which is unsurprisingly one of the most popular menu at Pak Li Kopitiam. Be warned though, Pak Li Kopitiam's standard is more like a cafe, and you should expect the menu to be more expensive than any ordinary restaurants.

In my opinion though, the pricing for the lemon chicken rice isn't that expensive because you could find a lemon chicken rice sold at RM7 at a food court. Looking at the quality and portion you get at Pak Li Kopitiam, it's totally worth it. The lemon sauce is thick and there is a balance between the sweetness and sourness of the sauce.

They uses chicken thigh which is more succulent than the breast. It makes it crispy on the outside, and tender on the inside. The contrast in texture is the identity of the dish that makes it great.

For you guys who haven't been to Pak Li Kopitiam, besides Klang Sentral Giant, you can find Pak Li Kopitiam at Ole Ole Section 18, Shah Alam; Jalan Kristal Section 7, Shah Alam; Kemuning Utama Giant, Shah Alam; and also Banting Giant.

Make sure you taste their lemon chicken rice first before anything else. Let me know whether we have the same idea about the dish. 

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