Kuala Lumpur: Why you Should Walk Around to see its Beauty

For personal matter, I was in Kuala Lumpur on 3rd of October 2017. I decided to park my car at MRT Sungai Buloh park and ride before I went to Kuala Lumpur by MRT. MRT and KTM users only need to pay RM4.30 by Touch n Go (TnG) to park their car there for a day. You need a minimun RM10 balance in your TnG to use the parking facility.

To get to Kampung Baru, I had to drop at Pasar Seni station and continue with LRT. However, I decided not to do that once I was at the station, and instead chose to go to KL Sentral first since it's still too early. I should take the train again to MRT Muzium Negara station but I didn't, I decided to walk.

I was so wrong when I thought the two station, MRT Pasar Seni and MRT Muzium Negara to be close since they are next to each other in line. The truth is, I had to walk for 2.2 km to get to KL Sentral.

I have gout, and it's not going to be good, but I still continue to walk. The walk to KL Sentral from Pasar Seni should take about 30 minutes but I took an hour. Much of the time spent waiting to cross the road and taking photos.

I realised I could see the city, Kuala Lumpur more vividly as I walk. It reminded me of the Heisenberg Uncertainty Principle. According to it, we couldn't accurately know both the position and momentum of an atom at the same time. In fact, if the position of the atom is known more accurately, we lost much information on its momentum, or vice versa.

It's the same as we walk. As we move faster, we are more focus on what is in front of us, and as a result we lost much information of what is happening in our surrounding, the opposite happens when we move slower. More speed, less information; less speed, more information.

Walking from Pasar Seni to KL Sentral gave me the chance to see a different perspective of Kuala Lumpur. I could closely observe the details of Kuala Lumpur KTM station building, the trees, plants and even the behaviour of us human going to work.

I could also see the gap and inequality between the rich and the poor in the supposedly rich city of Kuala Lumpur. Though I'm still glad that Malaysia, despite the political instability; is still a peaceful country consisted of many backgrounds.

Finally, KL Sentral. Not to shop, but I visited NU Sentral to window shop and see what's new and trending now. Just look at how we rarely prefer to use the staircase instead of the escalator. Are we really that lazy with convenience being our excuse? Or 'conformity', because we don't want to look different?

I went to Kampung Baru when it's nearly evening. I went to Masjid Jamek Kampung Baru for prayer which distance is about 600 to 700 meters from Kampung Baru LRT station.

It's really spacious and convenience, features that most big mosque in Malaysia has. I thought since the mosque itself was built with people's money, it's good to utilise the space for other activities like tuition class, seminar and courses. I still remember the time when I was 5, the madrasah I went to had a computer class on the 1st floor of a mosque.

What else Kampung Baru is known for? Its food! There are many popular restaurants in Kampung Baru like Nasi Lemak Wanjo, Nasi Lemak Antarabangsa and Suraya Seafood to name a few. The best thing is, most of the food are affordable considering its location which is at the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

Plaza GM Kuala Lumpur -sumber caridestinasi.com-
I also walked from Kampung Baru to Jalan Chow Kit to have a look at GM Plaza Kuala Lumpur which was a lot smaller then its Klang counterpart. They were doing some renovation, thing could be different now though.

Do you know there is a difference in Asr prayer time between the Shafi'i and Hanafi madhhab? I experienced this firsthand as I went to Masjid Jamek Pakistan at Jalan Haji Hussein where they start their Asr prayer about an hour after.

Everything was done, and as it got darker I decided to go home. At night, there are more shops opening at Kampung Baru. I was really interested in sate padang, I heard they don't use peanut sauce for sate padang but I didn't try it though.

Kuala Lumpur at night is something else, it's lively and colourful. You could see KL tower with its colourful light as you stand from Kampung Baru, what a sight.

As I went back to the LRT station, I could clearly see the highest twin tower in the world, the Petronas twin tower, one of our pride being Malaysian. The light coming out of the tower made it look like a glittering glass or crystal.

That was the last view I had before I went back to Sungai Buloh. It's true, as the malay proverb would say, "jauh perjalanan, luas pemandangan". I'd walked far, and I'd seen a lot. However, without having enough time to observe the sight would get blurry, and that's why if you want to see the beauty of any city, Kuala Lumpur for example; you just have to walk. 

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