Breakfast at Burger King for the First Time Ever, Smoky Chicken Kingwich

When it comes to breakfast, Malaysian would think of Nasi Lemak and Roti Canai with a cup of Teh Tarik. Add fast food to the equation, then McDonald's and KFC would immediately join the game. However, few would list Burger King for breakfast regardless of its good reputation for the Whopper, the only burger, in my opinion; comparable to the Big Mac.

About 10 years ago, I knew Burger King as the burger for the rich, or the airport burger. It wasn't cheap, at least not until 2011 and I was still studying at Petaling Jaya, when they started to serve more affordable meals. As a result, more people went to their restaurants, and they managed to open more joints.

Burger King started their breakfast game roughly 6 years ago when it introduced BOSS of BREAKFAST, but it didn't get the attention and popularity it deserved. Despite their efforts to put more affordable meals to the menu, McDonald's and KFC were still more affordable. However, things are starting to change, as McDonald's and KFC have been increasing their price, it seems like Burger King is just as affordable.

Hence, it's time to have a taste on Burger King breakfast menu, and obviously I would start with the cheapest one, Smoky Chicken Kingwich with a cup of foamy Americano. The presentation is neat and simple, basically an egg burger with two halved chicken slices, not much to complain.

The positive notes are, I like its cheese sauce, and the egg is thick. I've always been a fan of Burger King cheese sauce, that's how I think a cheese sauce should taste like, unlike the saltier KFC's cheezy sauce. The thickness, softness and fluffiness of the egg remind me of Japanese rolled omelette, or tamagoyaki.

At RM7, for a simple yet delicious burger, together with a choice of drink between Tea, Coffee and Orange Juice, I would recommend you have a try at least once to see whether we are in agreement or not. The bread or muffin is soft, and the chicken slices complement the egg nicely. Let us give Burger King a chance it deserves.

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