Are You Looking for a Chicken Rice in Kuantan? Try Chicken+Honey.

It has been more than a month since I abandoned this blog. I have been updating my other blog in Malay and I think it's already time to update some of the posts in English. I went to several restaurants which I will share with you guys about in this blog since I last abandoned it. However today, I'm going to share about a restaurant with Chicken Rice as one of its specialty.

I love chicken rice, perhaps more than I love the national iconic dish Nasi Lemak. It was afternoon, and I was at East Coast Mall when I was thinking of where should I eat. I wanted to find something that was not too expensive but at the same time fulfilling.
It was then, as I walk around the mall I remembered that there is a restaurant which I've thought of going but never yet have the chance to go. It's Chicken+Honey, a restaurant placed not far from the mall, just about a walking distance.

The restaurant was clean and comfortable, and the lighting was good, but I'm not really sure how it's going to be at night since I went there on the afternoon. I sit and I ordered Honey Chicken Rice. I believe they are going to serve a nice Honey Chicken Rice since they have Honey and Chicken for their restaurant's name.

What make a nice chicken rice are, in my opinion; the rice should be aromatic and the chicken shouldn't be dry. To be honest, I'm quite satisfied with what I got, even though the rice portion is a little bit small for me. Nevertheless, the rice was cooked well, and it also came together with two fried wontons and a bowl of soup.

As for the honey chicken, the portion is big enough for a person, perhaps more than enough when compared with the portion of rice I received. The sauce was sweet, and the garnishes raised my appetite. 

On first sight, it may look kinda similar to BBQ Chicken Rice that we would get from hawker centre or 'medan selera', but I would say it taste quite different and better. At RM9.90, for a set of Chicken Rice with a choice of drink between tea, lemon tea or sirap pandan, together with the environment within the restaurant, I think it does worth your money. 

If you are wondering if the restaurant serves another food besides chicken rice, yes they have. They also serve Korean Fried Chicken, Bihun/Mee/Kue Teow Soup and western inspired food. If you are interested, you should go and try, and I would recommend to go during lunch. I'm not sure if they have any promotion, but if they have, it has to be during lunch. Let me know if I'm wrong.

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