So I Went to Find a Pil Cutter, Just to Realise how Expensive it is.

I was diagnosed with a condition that requires me to take my medicine daily, and one of the medication requires me to cut the pill in half. It has been about 2 weeks and I've been cutting my pill by knife. I know it's not a good idea, my friend told me I need a pill cutter, I was quite confident that I wouldn't need one, but I'm beginning to doubt. 
To be honest, it was my first time hearing of pill cutter, and unlike 2 weeks ago, I'm beginning to believe that I might need one after all. My friend told me that it is cheap, especially one which is bought online. 

However, the downside of buying online is you need to wait for the item to arrive, probably up to a week if the item is shipped internationally, which is usually the case for most cheap Chinese product. So I decided to take a look at nearby stores to find one. 

First stop, Daiso. I chose Daiso because I like the design of their product, and I could assure that the price of the cutter isn't going to exceed RM6. How unlucky, as one of their staff told me, they did sell it but it's already sold out.

Then I went to two supermarket, Aeon Big and Jayagrocer, hoping that they would sell it since I don't want to end up buying from a pharmacy which I believe is going to cost more. Unfortunately both of the supermarkets didn't sell the cutter so I have to find one from nearby pharmacies. I didn't mind forking out more than RM5 for the cutter, I thought it's going to cost around RM10, but I was wrong.

I went to Guardian and found out the cutter is about RM14, I never thought that it's going to cost that much for a plastic case with a plastic or steel blade in it which is no longer than an inch. Then, I decided to go for another pharmacy, Watsons.

To my surprise, the one sold at Watsons was even more expensive. At RM20, it surely made me feel so poor. Though, it's cheaper than the one I saw at Lazada, same brand.

My last resort was Caring pharmacy. I found out it is nearly as expensive as the one in Watsons, around RM19. Finally I went back without buying one and keep on cutting my pill with a knife.

I am wondering why it's so hard for the pharmacies I went to to sell a cheaper cutter. All the more reason to understand why the cutter at Daiso was sold out. As I returned to my campus, I realised that I haven't yet take a look at dollar store or 'kedai RM2'.

p.s. I went to Daiso again the next afternoon, and the cutter wasn't available yet.

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