Why I Choose to Have my Breakfast at McDonald's. The Answer is as simple as 6

When we talk about McDonald's, we often think of it as a fancy place to eat, right? At least for me it is. Pricey menu, air-conditioned, and not to forget the better than any common restaurant environment. Each visit would easily cost me as much as 10 ringgit which is the cost of about 2 meal outside.
However, compared to when I was a child, it is suprisingly becoming, or perhaps seemingly; more affordable now. The once I considered as once a month kind of meal is now becoming a place which is more commonly visited, by me. And the one thing I really like about it, which I believe many people would agree; is the breakfast. 

The breakfast serves, in my opinion; better menu items, and my favourite has always been the hashbrown and the Chicken McMuffin which was frustratingly discontinued and replaced with the inferior but still acceptably great Crispy Chicken Muffin.

As for the pancake, being one of the more pricier menu, I've never had that before but surely I will later since it has been in my mind for quite some time. However, if you are opting for something cheaper, you could get some limited choice of food for as cheap as RM6 with their 'Mix and Match' or 'Pilih dan Padan' option which I think is worth the money if you are going to do more than just eating breakfast.

At night, McDonald's is quite loud due to the presents of child and families. In the morning, however is a different story, it's more quiet befitting a place where you want to focus on your work or study. I think I'm going to frequent McDonald's for breakfast for as long as the Mix and Match promotion is there, which up to now I've never regretted doing.

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