What Can We Learn From Tham Luang Cave Incident?

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Recently we were shocked by the incident of 12 kids and their coach trapped inside Tham Luang Cave in Thailand. Putting the question of how they ended up trapped 2.5 miles away from the entrance aside, the kids who are about 11 to 16 years old was found by two divers from UK on 2nd of July, more than a week since they were reported missing when the cave's route were flooded by rainwater.
The rescue mission took a long time due to the long distance and the challenging route the rescue team need to face. In fact, due to the narrow path at some point of the cave, especially at some points known as choke point, each rescue would take about 9 hours and only able to carry up to 4 kids at a time.

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On 11th of July, all kids together with the coach were successfully taken out of the cave, but not without any casualty. Saman Kunan a former Thai Navy Seal was found unconscious inside the cave after he was working on placing oxygen tanks along the exit route. Truly an example of uncapped hero, his bravery and determination is not to be forgotten as he sacrificed his time and leisure to help people in need who has no connection with him. 

To be honest, I first knew about the news after hearing about two UK divers who found the kids even though the incident happened earlier than that. What makes it gain global attention? What can we get from it? The truth is, when we are a in a pinch, we are going to learn something new, and today I would like to share the moral behind the difficulties we are facing.

It makes us stronger

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Have you ever heard of the proverb "when the going gets tough, the tough gets going"? The proverb means that when the situation becomes difficult, the strong or enduring are going to be fully engaged to the problem, and they are going to overcome it. We should never underestimate human's ability to adapt with any environment or situation. Again, in a pinch, unless you are giving up you are going to keep on thinking of the best solution.

It unites people

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Being human, we hold many distinctive features that make us different. Often the differences are used as tools to divide the people. May it be races, colours or religions, not until they share a problem which they need to solve they are going to find a reason for them to unite. Human are not going to survive long being alone, time would come when human are going to be weak and they need the aid of others lest being left dying alone.

It allows knowledge to expand

When we face a challenging problem, we start to think, and from our thoughts comes ideas. Without any problem, knowledge could hardly expand. For researchers, it is very important to have a problem statement before doing any research, and even if we take a look at the technologies we have right now such as GPS, and Internet, those technologies were first created due to wars.

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Elon Musk had showed a good example when he shared his thoughts and ideas to ease the rescue mission even though his ideas are not utilised. In my personal opinion, it doesn't matter if the ideas are not used right now because it could be useful later. What I don't like to see is how people judge Elon Musk as trying to take advantage of the situation for publicity. This is not suppose to be happening since everyone has the right to convey their ideas regardless of their intention. In fact, anything that is against the expansion of knowledge need to be avoided.

What else do you think we could learn from the incident? Please share it in the comment section below.

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