Sungai Isap Night Market, Kuantan, Malaysia

If you have ever been to Kuantan, you might know of UTC night market in front of the UTC building every Saturday, but not many people know of another night market opening on the same day at Sungai Isap. To be honest, due to how secluded the night market area is, even I, who has been living in Kuantan for 4 years; was unaware of the night market until a friend of mine told me there is a night market at Sungai Isap every saturday.

So I went to the night market hoping for something new or anything that makes it unique compared to any other night market. I know that the items we are able to find from any night market is almost similar, but if we are lucky enough we are going to find a 'hidden gem' which we never knew existed.
If we go to a night market, it's usual to find fried chicken, ayam percik, keropok lekor, and many other foods that we could usually find in almost any night market. Hence, what makes Sungai Isap night market special? To be honest, I personally think there is none, most of the food at the night market could easily be found in another night market. However, the foods that you could get are still undeniably great.

If you want Laksa, you could have laksa. If you want tau fu fa, there is tau fu fa. As for me, I would usually buy keropok lekor everytime I go to a night market. Sometimes I would finish it as I walk around the night market, another time I would bring it home. If we compare the keropok lekor or fish cracker that we could find in the west and east peninsular, there is a version in the east called keropok sagu that is softer and rarely become rubbery when its cold.
I've never seen keropok sagu being sold in the west. So if you have never tried keropok sagu before, you should try it, I personally prefer it over the regular keropok lekor.

Ayam Goreng is perhaps the second or third best thing after keropok lekor that I would buy at night market. Don't ever think there is no quality or standard in night market bought Fried Chicken, you could possibly find a better Fried Chicken than KFC at a night market at half the price. If you love crepe or pancake, you have to try the thinner or crispy version of apam balik, it's like the cheaper version of crepe, cheaper than what you could buy from the hot & roll kiosk. I bought 4 of it and I liked it.

I only bought those 3 items from the night market, Keropok Lekor, Fried Chicken and crispy Apam Balik. Unless I am near, there is nothing that makes me want to go there again. There isn't much to talk about really. I just want to share about the night market for those who are living near Sungai Isap, Bukit Rangin and Permatang Badak in Kuantan who never knew about the night market.

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