Post-14th General Election (GE 14)

10th of May 2018 was a historical moment for Malaysian as we experienced the most intense general election ever. We were surprised by the outcome of the election when Barisan Nasional who had been ruling Malaysia for more than 60 years lost the election against Pakatan Harapan which is led by Tun Dr Mahathir Bin Mohamad, ex prime minister of Malaysia who is now again the prime minister of Malaysia.

Following is the result of the 14th general election.

Source: Bernama

Following are the differences in votes compared to the past general election.

Source: Bernama

As Malaysian, we need to respect the outcome of the general election. No matter how different are our opinions and supports, we need to unite and always think of what is best for the country.

So what we need to do after the election? As Malaysian we need to be more alert on what is happening and being worked by the current government. Among the thing that we need to know about is the 10 promises the government made before the election which is going to be implemented within 100 days of ruling.

These are among the manifestos voiced by the Pakatan Harapan before the general election. Besides that, we are going to see them fulfill some if not all of their 60 other promises within 5 years. The details about the manifestos and promises made by the government could be read in Buku Harapan which is prepared by the Pakatan Harapan.

Since I belief people could be skeptical, you are welcome to comment on the content of the book. I am myself by no mean would easily agree to everything written in the book. These are among the other promises written in Buku Harapan.

Before I end my entry today, I would like to remind everyone to be patient and rasional in discussing any issues regarding our country. What we need right now is a more mature politics. For a country which is practicing democracy, a leader or ruler is the representative of its people, and it is wise for us to remind ourselves that change and future of our country depend tightly on us as the citizen, more than on them as the leaders.

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