McD Nasi Lemak Burger is finally here in Malaysia!!!

Last July in 2017, we were quite jealous of Singaporean when they got for themselves Nasi Lemak Burger by McDonald's Singapore and we didn't get one. Finaly now the wait is over. 

McDonald's Malaysia introduction to the Nasi Lemak Burger is making us very proud of our national dish, it says
BURGER NASI LEMAK. KEBANGGAAN KITA. Raikan rasa kebanggaan kita dengan paha ayam empuk berperisa kelapa, disalut kerangupan emping jagung, sos sambal istimewa, telur goreng, bawang dimasak keperangan, hirisan timun segar dan ban cili.
Now that is one good description. Let us see if it looks as good as it sounds. 

To be honest, I wasn't expecting the burger to be as good as I first saw it. The packaging is easily an A+, the presentation as well is an A+, just take a look at how it looks like, even the sambal is looking really delicious.

My verdict? After considering the presentation, the taste and even the Nasi-Lemakness of the burger,  I would easily give it an 8/10. It even has a slight santan (coconut) taste to it. There might be review out there which are not going to agree with me, saying that it doesn't have one of the important element of Nasi Lemak which is the rice itself so it doesn't really taste like Nasi Lemak. As for me, my first bite told me that it taste like Nasi Lemak and the only thing I'm missing is the taste and crispness of nuts which usually accompany Nasi Lemak together with fried anchovies 😋

The price? It's going to be RM16.95 a set, and RM14.95 a la carte. Does it worth the money spent? I think it totally worth it for a foodie to experience something different. It's not the kind of menu designed for us to have everyday.

Let me know in the comment section below how would you want your Nasi Lemak burger to be.

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