That 'LOVE' Chapter

Four letters, one word, it is love. I could consider myself academically acceptable in grades when I was in school, but there was thing that failed me most of the time, and it was love. 11 years in school, I fell in love six times, and I succeed none. The fact was, I started to fall in love since I was 11.

Considering my life as a subject, it was the beginning of a new chapter in my life. I wanted attention, I wanted to be accepted and I wanted to be appreciated, and it was hard back then. For the first time in my live falling in love, she was a classmate, and I couldn’t find anything better than her being a beauty to my eyes, it was so typical.

I wasn’t a man of confession, what I did was keeping it to myself whenever I fell in love, the things obvious in me were how eager I am to know someone I love, how eager I am to befriend her. Being a shy person, unconfident, and at the same time pessimist, I was a paranoid who were too afraid of the outcome (of confession).

I grew in sophistry, trying to deceive myself, a trial which I failed. I tried to convince myself failure after failure that I don’t need to embrace love to live, but love kept on hunting me with disappointment came afterward.

Frustrated, I tried to cope with it. How gullible that I am now a slave of it, live to serve it, knowing that I am entrapped within the chapter, not to pass the first passage, and far from turning the page.

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