The Opposite of Clever, but Not Totally Opposite

I'm not clever, period. Merriam-webster defines clever as 'mentally quick and resourceful', which I understand as an ability to think and decide in a short period of time by accessing as many possible resources available. Despite the fact that I'm known as someone clever by comrades, I see myself a little, or perhaps; totally different. I made mistakes most of the time, this is a fact, and it is worth noting that it is me to be clumsy, which is why I labeled myself as reckless.

After several times prompted by Plinky, I finally found a thing to answer, it suggested me to tell something that most people probably don't know about me. By most, it means a condition that isn't absolute, or in another word, some people just probably by any chance know about it.

The case is, in macroscopic scale, I could say that it is positive that I'm clever, but on microscopic level, I'm not. Why? Because people isn't always that detail on their judgment, they easily judge people from what is obvious to them, like grades and outfits.

Perhaps, it's easier to say that people are saying things related to the sides they are seeing, and left the sides they aren't seeing without any claims. So I'm clever in a way to get good grades, but I'm not that clever in a way to get things going.

Today I'm going to tell people that I'm not that clever on average related to all sides. It's kind of sad to say this, but this is the truth, and it's bitter. I personally think that there is no use to tell all those mistakes I did, but I want to tell you that I'll strive for better.

I'm having a bad time with my clever self, it seems like this clever self is doing lots of mistakes, and lots of things unacceptable to the human eyes and thought. The situation is, if I really am clever, it's hard to live as one, but if I'm not, being clever is good.

Do you think it's hard to be intelligent? As people claims you are. What trials did you get yourself into? For becoming one.

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