Stories Behind Every Steps

I still have plenty of times, or precisely a week before returning back to campus. My parents brought me to Malacca to do numbers of things, like having a taste of Cucur Udang Alor Gajah, Kue Teow Soup Tengkera, and Asam Pedas. What a beautiful world we are living in, full of joys, and varieties. Besides that, to enjoy enormous amount of things we are having and doing is just one from many blessings that God gives upon us, but we often forget, that in the other part of the world, live groups of people who, at the time I’m writing this; die of starvation, and illnesses.

There is no ‘Like’ that would save the life of people who is dying, and there is no ‘Share’ that results in it too. All that ‘Like’ and ‘Share’ we are practicing in facebook are ways to create an awareness, but just how many are awares?  Numbers of unneeded post have been invading our newsfeed that it’s becoming more and more marginal from one day to another, and it’s possible that an awareness-related post might be buried deep beneath numbers of mediocre posts. Nevertheless, UX, or User Experience is one subjective things, doesn’t always mean the same to everyone, and in my case, it was as I told. It depends on the situation you are in, friends you are having, things your friends hold an interest in, etc.

In Malacca, I stayed at Mesra Mutiara Hotel, it was cheap, I would consider it cheap if RM100 would get a family of 4 to rest, and be safe from harm. My younger sister, unfortunately; are unable to join us because she is studying in APIUM Nilam Puri, Kelantan. Despite that, I would consider it expensive, when I think of those people who don’t even get the chance to shade under a simple roof made of leaves. The poor is not only a family, they are one large groups of people combined, even larger than the populations we are having here in my country, Malaysia, and if we think of probability, we would be grateful for the odds and blessing that God have been giving to us. Not to mention the odds that we were able to breathe as an infant, I might use the word odds, but it wasn’t happening unplanned, it was God’s decree.

Earlier before I happened to stay a night there, I heard bits of my father’s thought when I was in the car, and it sure took plenty of times, as usual. It reminded me of how every people wanted to put an effort, small or big, to purify their heart, and become a better person as if they are living in redemption, or salvation. It reminded me of how my father was sitting on a chair reciting the verses of quran, word by word, and there was time when the recitation was sound, then at another time wasn’t. It wasn’t limited to that, my parents had given me more than what they have themselves, and they still, in fact; give me more than what I need. It’s pretty sad when I recalled the time when I blame my parents for what they did that I thought was wrong, and that’s long before I reckoned that what I wanted isn’t always what I need. Another thing about me, I would easily get mad, and I afraid if there might be a time when I would hurt the feelings of those on whom I put my dearest love, because it does happen frequently when I lost control of my anger.

To tell the truth, I always live in anger, and hatred. This egoistic self is not yet ready to bow itself down, and it’s really upsetting when this is just becoming one of my quality for being me. There was time when I thought that every opinions around me isn’t relevant, just because it didn’t melodise my principle stanzas. It brought me to where I am, to learn, but unable to process, that it’s fine to be firm on keeping my woods safe, but it’s not fine to keep on burning other’s woods, for there’s still possibility for it being beneficial, and perhaps, an opportunity to invest on.

I try not to share my story, but what beneath, or behind it. Know why? Because live isn’t always about ‘what’, there is time when you need to consider ‘why’ of every ‘what’. Like a person, with its shadow, a ‘what’ would simply tell you about that person and its shadow, but ‘why’ would tell you even further. One thing to remember though, too much ‘why’ might get your mind wild, it might make you begin to imagine things you shouldn’t be imagining on.

Finally, don’t forget, that for everything you do, there will always be stories to remember, and to tell :D Just like I’m doing right now.

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