My Canon MP258 Error Code

Firstly, I would like to thank Muhammad Shafizal for posting a news about MyBrainSc Scholarship in his group, and to Syed Fawwaz for reminding me of my MUET exam slip.

To apply for the scholarship, I need to scan my documents needed for the application, so I thought why not I use my own scanner, I own an all-in-one printer by Canon, it isn't really all-in-one as stated, but its still multifunctional, as a scanner and a printer. The problem is, I haven't used my printer for months, and the last time I recall using it was when it was already dysfunctional, so I decided to fix my printer, get my documents scanned, and my MUET exam slip printed, so basically it's my activity of the week.

I made a search on the internet, and I found out that I wasn't alone, many had faced the same problem, this printer was really such a troll, and despite the fact; this printer is still quite popular. I almost thought it was dead the last time I used it, and then I knew it still got some hope. Eventually, I noticed one thing that I never noticed before, something that I thought as nothing, a normal behaviour I assumed back then, it was an error code shown in a small black box on the printer.

Follow that red arrow, and you shall be looking at the small black box that I told you just now. An error code will be shown there in case of your printer having an error. There would be letter followed by numbers, e.g. E05; P02. (E blip 0 blip 5; P blip 0 blip 2) Each error code gives you different message, and it wouldn't talk as you ask, unfortunately.

So I'm here acting as a saviour of myself, and perhaps all of you, even when I'm not a professional printer user myself, I would like to share with all of you what I got in the internet, just in case you are too lazy to google, or bing.

Take a look on this two articles by bloggers that I don't even know who

I didn't receive every error code as shown in both blogs, but it does help. I got about 3 error code which are E05, E04, and P02

How to solve E05 and E04 printer error

Both, in my understanding have slightly the same reason to its occurence, that is when the cartridge isn't installed properly. E04 is a bit easier to solve than E05, and usually E05 would follow E04 if you do it wrong.

To fix error E04, simply pull off the cartridge of both Color and Black, and then put it back. This should fix it.

To fix error E05, please do as for error E04, in my case, it doesn't help and here is what I did.

1) While the printer is switched on, open the printer's head cover (not scanner cover, just pull up from the part where 'canon' is written), this will move the cartridge to the center of the printer.

2) Pull off, or remove both cartridge from its cartridge lock (place where we insert the cartridge), and let the lids (the lids that are used to lock the cartridge) remain open, or unclosed.

3) Switch the printer off, this will move the cartridge lock to the right, and it will hit the printer because of the opened lids, and move back to the center.

4) Attach both cartridges back to the cartridge lock, and close the lid. Then close the printer's head cover, switch the printer on.

5) This should reset the error, and the error E05 wouldn't be shown as before.

How to solve error P02

This error happen when there is foreign object on the print head railway, e.g. tissue, rubber, or when you need to clean the encoder strip, I don't know what is an encoder strip. In my case, my print head railway is blocked by a foreign object, that is my CISS tube. For you who don't know CISS, 

To solve this error, simply remove the foreign object, what I did is to unblock the railway by adjusting the tube. Adjust it wrongly, it might get in the way of the cartridge as the cartridge moves while pulling and pushing the tube near the railway. If this doesn't work, it might have something to do with the encoder strip, it needs to be cleaned, perhaps. 

For more information, visit both blog that I mentioned just now

P.S. Additional information from me, regarding the CISS tube. There would be a time when air would enter the tube, don't panic, just deep clean the printer several times until there is no more bubble of air, or air in the tube.

Here is how it looks to print after I fix the long unusable printer, smudges everywhere, need to clean the cartridge I guess. I've spent too many times for this printer just to get this kind of quality huh, and I don't even know why there's a word Zombies in the second paper I printed.

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