My Old Nokia 1100

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So what's the deal now? With the picture? It's kinda misdirecting, HAHA! Nothing much really, It's just that history repeat itself, I am to use my Nokia 1100, again. It isn't like I hate it, the fact that I've to use the phone, but the real thing is I love it. I am the one who decide to give that old Nokia another chance.

Aside from being black and white, it has no battery issue at all, it is blazzingly fast, and it seldomly hang, or perhaps never. My issue was that my phones, except the Nokia 1100; drained my battery too fast, even on standby, it might have something to do with the battery, as I suspect. I'm too lazy to buy batteries for phones, so I bought an auto-switch multi charger, or 'frog charger' as they called it here to charge my old Nokia. I know it's easy to find batteries instead, I don't mind about my Sony Ericsson W200i, because it's quite easy to find the battery, what have been bothering me instead is my HTC ELFIN, we don't get much accessories for HTC here. It's quite disturbing the last time I used my HTC ELFIN, and the time before, it indicated that the phone was charged full, but the battery level would suddenly drop after I send an SMS, it'll then switched the phone OFF, left the message unsend, and the rest is history.

I'm being optimist about my choice so I made a simple 'thing' about my phone. I don't know what to call it, a banner or poster.

See, it was made to impress, and designed to be elegant. In fact; every phones deserves the same, it was all made to be the best, for some of us of course.

I'll update this entry if I have the time, I still have things to talk about, the pros and cons, bane and boon of using this phone. Overall, I give this phone an OK.

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