My Malay Blog, an Introduction :D

Today, I would be glad to announce that I've made a Malay language of my blog as an alternative in language for any but not limited to important post.

Picture above has nothing to do with my decision, it was a picture of 'Stadium Merdeka', Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia during the declaration of independence on 31st of August 1957. The declaration was done by Tunku Abdul Rahman, the first ever Prime Minister of Malaysia, or precisely Persukutuan Tanah Melayu at the time, witnessed by 20,000 of people as a prove that we really are achieving independence from the British, but the truth is, are we really?

Back to the topic, I'm glad becoming a Malay Muslim. For that reason, I try to make a blog in Malay, eventhough I don't have a successful amount of readers right now. I'm having a hard time actually, making that blog, because Malaysian would always use their own language in an incorrect manner, in fact; some of them preferred to use lots of short forms, and I would have done the same too, which is bad actually. Even short form has its own correct way, but we never try to practice the correct way. Click here will lead you to a page as a guide for all those short formers. Despite the claim, I'll try my best to present my blog in a manner that is as correct as possible.

How to navigate to my other blog you ask? It's easy, you could just click on a link at the top of my blog that shows 'Malay', click here or just go to, all those methods will lead you to the same side, of course.

LOL, I'm feeling bad for making an illustrated tutorial out of this topic, this is so lame actually, but I guess it's fine, I have nothing to do after all.

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